Foreign Payments

Detail of Foreign Payments

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Characteristics of foreign payments

  • cashless transfer of funds in foreign payments across borders and within the Slovak Republic (except for transfers between accounts in Komerční banka Slovakia),
  • cashless transfer of funds in EUR to and from foreign countries outside the SEPA area,
  • provided using the SWIFT system, 

  • Foreign payments can be made through Komerční banka Slovakia in the following basic currencies:


    • Other currencies can be used subject to special conditions:

      • covering more than 160 countries of the world,

      • in 110 currencies,

      • using a special paper payment order,

  • prices depend on the payment type or service used and are set out in the current price list of Komerční banka Slovakia.

For cashless transfers of funds in EUR within the SEPA area, see SEPA payments

Benefits of our foreign payments

  • speed,

  • orders can be submitted using electronic banking (Profibanka, whereas KB SKyline can be used for authorisation),

  • multiple orders can be submitted to online forms or by importing order files using the following formats: BEST, EDI BEST or uniform XML format,

  • lower fees for processing compared to documentary payments,

  • preferential rates for payments to/from clients of Komerční banka in the Czech Republic,

  • a standing order can be set for foreign currency payments,

  • simple process for ordering payments,

  • payments can be entered with a future due date,

  • no need for presentation of documents,

  • reliability,

  • security. 

Foreign payments enable you to

Receive payments in foreign currency from abroad or within Slovakia: 
  • Payments from abroad are credited to the client’s account without delay on the due date after Komerční banka Slovakia receives payment instructions and funds,
  • A payment from abroad in foreign currency or in EUR can be credited to the account of a client of Komerční banka Slovakia or issued as a cheque according to the payer’s instructions,
  • Komerční banka Slovakia credits funds to the account of the beneficiary if the correct unique identifier is provided,
  • the payment processing fee is charged according to the payer’s instructions (types BEN, SHA, OUR),
  • Komerční banka Slovakia recommends that clients provide their business partners with their unique identifier (i.e., their account number in Komerční banka Slovakia in IBAN format and the BIC/SWIFT code of Komerční banka Slovakia, which is KOMBSKBAXXX, or in the 8-character version KOMBSKBA).  

Send payments in foreign currency across borders and within Slovakia:

  • Outgoing payments in foreign currency are processed in accordance with the payment order submitted in written form or using electronic banking channels (Profibanka, whereas KB SKyline can be used for authorisation),
  • Komerční banka Slovakia will execute a payment order at the latest by the deadline laid down by the act on payment services and specified in the relevant notice on the execution of payment operations,
  • The amount paid for fees depends on the payment type and the fee type selected by the payer (BEN, SHA, OUR),
  • When entering the payment order, the payer can set the speed of processing (STANDARD, URGENT),
  • The client can influence the processing method and the fees charged for payments by using a unique identifier, i.e., by providing correct and complete information on the payment beneficiary (the beneficiary’s account number in the IBAN format and the BIC/SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank, or the beneficiary’s account number and bank code in the locally used format),
  • Orders for payments to EEA countries must include the beneficiary’s account number in IBAN format and the beneficiary bank’s BIC/SWIFT code.   

Fee types and payment periods

  • Fees: the price for payment implementation is based on the chosen fee type; if the client does not specify a fee type, SHA will be used:

    • BEN: all fees are paid by the beneficiary (prohibited for payments within the EEA)

    • SHA: the payer pays the fees of the payer’s bank and the beneficiary pays the fees of the beneficiary’s bank and any intermediary banks; this is always used for payments within the EEA in an EEA currency with no currency conversion,

    • OUR: all fees are paid by the payer (prohibited for payments within the EEA)

  • Periods for transfer to the beneficiary bank


      • At most one or two business days after the due date of the order (depending on the payment currency)

    • URGENT

      • On the same business day as the due date of the order,

      • Urgent processing is possible only in CAD, CZK, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HUF, NOK, PLN, SEK and USD.

Foreign payments are provided in the following forms

  • single foreign payments,

  • preferential rates for payments to/from clients of Komerční banka in the Czech Republic:

    • payment prices are the same as for SEPA payments,

    • payments to the accounts of clients of Komerční banka in the Czech Republic are sent as urgent with no extra charge,

  • Foreign payments based on a standing order for foreign currency payments submitted in written form.