Social Responsibility

The right principles lead to a brighter business


The world of corporate banking is associated with big numbers, money, and profit. At the same time, it is part of a world that we all share regardless of our language, nationality, sex, or religious beliefs. We believe that everyone wants to live in a thriving society that respects fair values and a world based on sustainability and respect for the planet. Guided by this conviction, we incorporate activities designed to realise these ideals into our daily activities.


Sustainability is fundamental to the value system of Komerční banka Slovakia and Société Générale. The whole group abides by the Equator Principles in financing infrastructure and industrial projects. These are a voluntary framework of rules for assessing the environmental and social risks of major projects based on international standards laid down by the World Bank.
As part of Société Générale, we are also founding member of the United Nations Environmental Programme Financial Initiative (UNEP-FI). The aim of this global partnership between the UNEP and the financial sector is to concentrate on financing projects enabling carbon neutrality to be achieved by 2050.
Not the least important evidence of our commitment to sustainable business is our signing of the document Principles of Responsible Banking. We thereby undertook to align our portfolio with the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement and sustainable development.
At Komerční banka Slovakia, we naturally identify with these principles. We believe that proper corporate culture must respect values that no price can be assigned to. We are proud to be able to contribute to the fulfilment of these values together with other companies in the Société Générale group.


We welcome all clients, employees, and suppliers regardless of sex, race, skin colour, language, faith or religious beliefs, political or other opinions, racial or social origin, membership of a national or ethnic group, property, gender or other status.  As signatories of the Diversity Charter, we apply this approach automatically. We believe that human potential is not limited by faith, sex or colour and that openness about where potential can be found is vital to unlocking it.
We apply a thorough due diligence process to our partners, suppliers, and clients. Lending money in a meaningful way is a principle that we apply to all the projects we support.  We prefer projects with a positive impact on the environment, society, ethics, and sustainable economic development. We believe in equitable partnerships.


Responsibility for individuals and the environment is a principle that we do not deviate from. We are convinced that honest transactions and fair conduct are the foundation for prosperity in the community that we belong to. It is important for us to dedicate our energy to sustainable projects and activities with positive impacts. As our decisions can affect the environment, we try to consciously consider their future consequences.  We abide by the principles of corporate responsibility and create space for the daily choices of our employees about waste separation, energy saving, water conservation and means of transport to achieve more sustainable parameters. We are proud that activities benefiting the community occur spontaneously in KB Slovakia. Striving for a better world is encoded in our team’s DNA.


In our business, we follow the principles of ethics and law and regulations; we approach our business partners and customers with respect.  In the case of any violation, it is possible to report a whistleblowing alert. We guarantee the whistle-blower necessary anonymity and confidentiality. For whistle blowing you can use the following e-mail address (notification system of Komerční banka, a. s., including its Slovak branch).
We will send you our reply to the e-mail address from which we have received the alert.
Outside of the Komerční banka environment, you can also send a whistleblowing report to any authority competent to receive whistleblowing reports according to  Act No. 54/2019 Coll. on Protection of Whistle-blowers of Anti-social Activity and on Amendments and Supplements to Certain Acts (hereinafter the “Act“). Referring to the Act, authority competent to receive whistleblowing reports means the Whistle-blower Protection Office (“WPO“) as an independent government agency with nationwide remit to protect the rights and legitimate interests of whistle-blowers in whistleblowing, the prosecution service or an administrative authority competent to conduct proceedings concerning an administrative offence constituting serious misconduct harmful to the society pursuant to § 2(d)(3) and § 4 of the Act or a competent institution, body, office or agency of the European Union.