Open Banking API

We will facilitate access to your payment accounts for third parties who are authorised intermediaries of new payment services

connect bank accounts to your applications

make payments from your application in real time

manage accounts in your application

check the availability of funds for a transaction

Account Information Service (AIS)
Through this service we allow third parties access to information on your account based on your consent. The scope of access includes basic information such as an overview of your accounts, their balances and your transaction history. 

Payment Initiation Service (PIS) 
With this service, you can allow a payment initiation service provider (third party) to submit a payment order for one of your accounts in our bank.

Card-based Instrument Service (CIS) 
This service enables a third party to verify that you have sufficient funds on your account for a payment operation.  In this service we provide information to a third party that is an issuer of payment instruments linked to a payment card.

TPP (Third Party Payment Service Providers)
TPPs (third parties) are duly licensed payment service providers. Licences are issued by Národná banka Slovenska or another national authority within the EU. A further condition is that the TPP must possess a qualified certificate. Finally, the TPP must satisfy the requirements laid down in the PSD2 directive and guarantee the same data protection and security as the bank.

A TPP can gain access to the account of a client of the bank only based on consent granted by the client or the owner of the payment account.

API (Application Programming Interface)
An API is an interface for communication that allows third parties to communicate securely with the bank. We provide such an interface so that third parties can access clients’ account when authorised to provide payment services. 

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