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Characteristics of a SEPA payment

  • a transfer executed in EUR within the SEPA area (including transfers between the accounts of clients of Komerční banka Slovakia),

  • mandatory account identification  for payer and beneficiary (account number in IBAN format),

  • fee type SHA (The systems of Komerční banka Slovakia use the expression SLV) – each party pays their own bank’s fees,

  • the payment is transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account within a guaranteed period, no later than the day following the due date of the payment order,

  • A SEPA payment can also be entered as a priority payment, in which case the payment is credited to the account of the beneficiary’s bank on the same business day as the payment order’s due date,

It is also possible to use additional identification codes for payments, which are transmitted to the beneficiary without modification:

  • a payment reference (End to End (E2E) reference) including insertion of the variable (VS), specific (SS) and constant (KS) symbols in the form /VS[N10]/SS[N10]/KS[N4],

  • additional information (Remittance Information),

  • purpose of payment,

  • identification of the payer, beneficiary, original payer, end beneficiary (name, address and identification data),

SEPA payments are processed using the payment systems SIPS (operated by Národná banka Slovenska) and STEP2 (operated by EBA CLEARING).

We implement SEPA payments based on:

  • order for a single SEPA payment,

  • batch order for SEPA payments,

  • a standing order for payments in EUR.

Benefits of a SEPA payment


  • one account for all your payments in EUR within the SEPA area,

  • a uniform XML format for all cashless payments in EUR within the SEPA area.


  • guaranteed deadline for payment implementation,

  • benefit of a predictable processing period for all parties,

  • the payment is transferred to to the recipient’s bank account within a guaranteed period, no later than the day following the due date of the payment. 


  • automated payment processing,

  • new data fields permit broader specification of SEPA payments for beneficiaries,

  • batch orders can be uploaded via electronic banking (with Profibanka, whereas KB SKyline can be used for authorisation) Client – Bank in XML format (supported versions – pain.001.001.02., pain.001.001.03., pain.001.001.04),

  • payment operation statements can be provided in XML format,

  • unification of payment terms brings lower costs.

Equalisation of fee

  • equal fees for SEPA payments within Slovakia and across borders in the SEPA areas.