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KB Leasing

KB Leasing is intended for:

  • corporate clients
  • for investment in excess of EUR 35,000

Characteristics of KB Leasing:

  • financial leasing in terms of the Act on Income Tax
  • must be a minimum of 60% of the depreciation period based on depreciation groups in the Income Tax Act
  • the lessee activates the subject of the lease on his balance sheet and depreciates it
Operational leasing
  • a long-term contractual relationship
  • the lessee uses the subject of the lease for a set fixed period and makes regular leasing repayments
  • on expiry of the contract, the lessee returns the subject of the lease to the leasing company, or purchases the subject of the lease for a price, the level of which is stipulated by the Act on Income Tax
  • the subject of the lease is activated on the lessor’s balance sheet
  • the lessee can thus constantly renew manufacturing resources without the need to purchase them once the leasing period has ended
  • we only offer this to financially strong companies in cooperation with a supplier which guarantees the leasing company that it will purchase the subject of the lease once it has been returned by the lessee
  • operational leasing must be discussed individually with your relationship manager
Variability of currencies and repayment structure
  • fixed and variable financing
  • variable financing must be discussed individually with your relationship manager
  • variable interest rates are bound to the Euribor basic reference rate, which reflects development on the money market
  • the repayment schedule can be structured flexibly
    • repayments can be made regularly – monthly or quarterly
    • irregularly – instalments adapted to suit seasonal and other fluctuations in cash flows
  • when determining the total repayment period, we also consider the duration and form of use of the subject of the lease
  • if advance payment is agreed on, this can be paid as a special leasing instalment

The principle of leasing:

  1. Selection of the subject of the lease
  2. Leasing approval, leasing contract
  3. Communication of the subject
  4. Purchase contract and payment
  5. Instalment payments
  6. Service

Advantages of KB Leasing:

  • preservation of liquidity
  • repayment of instalments from investment revenue
  • optimisation of investment costs and revenue
  • tax deductible from leasing payments, including interest expenses in accordance with the Income Tax Act

KB Leasing allows you to:

  • preserve your liquidity
  • make repayments from investment revenue
  • gain affirm basis for planning
  • to classify instalments as costs acknowledgeable for tax purposes

How to establish/arrange the product:


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