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Loan for a temporary shortage in fund

The loan is intended for:

  • corporate entities which do business in the Slovak Republic
  • this loan in foreign currency is above all intended for clients who have sufficient collection in foreign currency in an account held in the bank

Characteristics of the loan:

  • a short-term and in exceptional circumstances also a medium-term loan
  • used for:
    • bridging of a temporary lack of funds which the client did not cause himself
    • coverage of requirements resulting from commercial activity
  • provision of the loan is preceded by detailed analysis of the causes of the client’s financial problems
  • this loan can be used as a source:
    • for financing overdue receivables
    • payment of wages
    • bridging a time discrepancy between the creation of a requirement and ensuring its financing
    • for settlement of due instalments on another loan
  • the loan is usually drawn on as a lump sum, either for direct payment (settlement of a due instalment), or by transfer to the client’s current account
  • repayment takes place on the contractually agreed dates

Advantages of the loan:

  • possibility of bridging immediate, short-term financial difficulties beyond the client’s control
  • immediate resolution of financial problems through drawing on a lump sum

The loan allows you to:

  • finance overdue receivables
  • pay outstanding wages
  • repay another loan

How to establish/arrange a Loan for a temporary shortage of funds:

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