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Installment loan

  • Loan for current assets

    Does your business need a loan to finance current assets or individual types of these? The Loan for current assets in EUR or in foreign currency is used to finance stock or trade receivables up to their due date in this country and abroad.

  • Investment loan

    A loan for financing acquisition of tangible or intangible investment assets in EUR or in foreign currency.

  • Loan for purchase of shares or ownership interest

    A loan for acquisition of a share in a commercial company or shares into a strategic portfolio.

  • Loan for operational and investment needs

    A loan prepared in such a way as to enable clients to finance operational needs resulting from commercial activity and also to acquire tangible or intangible investment assets.

  • Loan for a temporary shortage in fund

    The Loan for a temporary shortage of funds in EUR or in foreign currency is used for bridging a temporary lack of funds or coverage of requirements resulting from business.

  • Export documentary Letter of Credit advance loan

    Have you signed an export contract which contains the condition of payment by means of a secured letter of credit? Then we can offer you operational financing to ensure production or purchase of goods in the form of a Loan for pre-financing an export documentary letter of credit.

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