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Personal data protection

Protection of personal data

Personal Data Protection for Clients

The purpose of this website is to inform you about the processing of your personal data in Komerční banka, and about your rights relating to your personal data. We want you to know what kind of personal data we collect, what we do with it, and what we use it for. You can also find information on the sources we obtain this data from, as well as learning who we can provide this data to.

We always process your personal data transparently, fairly and lawfully, and to the extent required for a given purpose. We securely retain your personal data for the period that is strictly necessary, in compliance with the time limits defined by legislation and other regulations. If the bank has a legitimate interest, we can decide for ourselves how long we will retain your data. We only process the personal data of persons aged under 18 if a child’s legal representative is acting on the child’s behalf.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the information contained in document Information about processing of personal data you will find below.


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What kind of personal data do we process in Komerční banka?

What are your legal rights in the processing of your personal data?

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