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What is Certificate

A personal certificate is similar to a personal ID card, which the client uses to prove his or her identity in terms of electronic communication. Every KB client who wants to access his or her account via the Internet will thus receive their own personal certificate.

For use of a smart card, a smart card reader must be installed

A personal certificate on a smart card is valid for 2 years. You can renew the certificate electronically 90 days before its validity expires.

Issue and renewal of the personal certificate is free of charge.

The Certification Wizard is used for operating the certificate (collection of a new certificate, renewal of a certificate and changing the password etc.)

New certificate

The first essential step towards establishing the Profibanka service is creation of your personal certificate.
The personal certificate will be used to secure communication between you and the bank. You will use it to login and sign individual transactions.

How to get a KB personal certificate?

Contact the relationship manager who manages your accounts. Conclude the pertinent contract at the branch. You can then collect your functioning personal certificate at home from the Certification Wizard.

You only need one personal certificate to access all KB direct banking services.

Familiarise yourself with the KB CA Certification Policy.

Data about the Bank’s certification authority

Name of CAAlgorithmCertificate fingerprint
ROOT CA KBSHA-15B:7C:2B:F3:21:50:36:B0:95:CB:18:66:09:48:0B:DC:BA:8D:FF:29
DCS CA KBSHA-191:42:75:2B:B5:A7:6B:66:BC:30:28:B5:55:CE:8A:DE:0B:6C:47:8E

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